Huffington Post reports that Joanne Hughes, the original spokesperson against the sexting statue, has joined with the local American Family director Phillip Cosby to collect almost 5,000 signatures calling for its removal. In Kansas, a petition signed by 2 percent of the county’s population is enough to initiate a grand jury investigation of any issue.

The article explains that these types of investigations are a common tactic for Cosby:

Regardless of whether the grand jury investigations eventually result in criminal charges, they have functioned as successful deterrents. Some businesses voluntarily stopped selling porn and sex toys after being targeted by Cosby.

Cosby tells the reporter that sexting is “the most under-prosecuted crime in America.” Is he really saying that consensual adult sexting is a dangerous crime that is not being prosecuted enough? Given his history of attacks on so-called obscenity, he very well might be.

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