Information and consent

I’ll be talking about information and consent this afternoon at the Association of Internet Researchers conference here in Denver.

When I discuss sexting, I often get questions from terrified parents wanting to know what to tell their daughters and how to protect them from being victimized. I think it’s also really important to ask: How can I make sure my son never victimizes anyone?

For both questions, here’s one answer: teach them about consent from age 1 onwards. I even have a link to a guide that helps parents do just that. For more advice, check out my sexting tips page.

Sinéad O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus

I’m going to file this one under: “Women blaming other (younger) women for failing to solve sexism, inequality, and the objectification of women.” If Sinéad O’Connor thinks that record company executives are exploiting, ‘prostituting,’ and harming Miley Cyrus, not treating her as the “precious young lady” she is, shouldn’t O’Connor’s letter be addressed to … record company executives?