One thought on “Huffington Post research profile

  1. Hi Amy,

    I think it is not OK for minors to be trading and collecting indecent pictures of themselves. I agree that there is no need for parents to panic about the occurrences. Informing children that it will not be tolerated, and taking action against it, is a responsible course of action.

    I think that the frustration among parents in CaΓ±on City is not panic. There is frustration stemming from a perception that administrators failed to take action in the past to deal with the incidents that they knew about.

    One of the reasons why the pictures are not OK is the fact that they are contraband under our current laws. High school students need to know this. They will be adults soon, and could be prosecuted more vigorously if they decide to keep those photo collections as adults. They should be deleting the collections and ceasing to make them.

    Laws could be changed so that child pornography is not contraband. I think the legislative process would take quite a long time, and I am not sure that it would be for the best. I am not eager to see those changes play out.

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