A Hasinoff headshot 2016.4I am an Assistant Professor in the Communication department at the University of Colorado Denver. I earned my PhD from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and completed a postdoc funded by SSHRC at McGill. 

I use media and cultural studies methodologies to investigate how we think about new media and how those ideas affect the way we develop, use, and regulate communication technologies. My book, Sexting Panic (2015), is about the well-intentioned but problematic responses to sexting in mass media, law, and education. My research appears in journals such as New Media & Society, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and Feminist Media Studies

My research investigates gendered norms of privacy, the criminalization of girls, the relationship between surveillance technologies and sexuality, and the connections between law and mass media. By bringing gender and sexuality studies to new media, I develop new ways of studying and responding to the challenges of understanding privacy, consent, and harm in digitally mediated social interactions.

I am available to give keynotes and to perform consulting work for educational organizations and advocacy groups and as an expert witness for cases on sexting or youth sexuality and technology.


Amy Adele Hasinoff
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My op ed in the New York Times, (April 4, 2016): “Teenage Sexting Is Not Child Porn.”
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TEDxMileHigh, June 2016
TEDxVienna, May 2016
Interview on CNN, November 9, 2015:
Here’s a segment from a Popaganda episode in which I talk about privacy and sexting:

Here’s an interview conducted at a conference in 2010: